We Are Austin, KEYE Segment

We Are Austin Emergency Room Center Update

Earlier this month, our very own Anderson Mill Chief of Staff, Dr. Richard Kelley, as well as our Far West location Director of Operations, Alanna Janssens, were featured on CBS Austin’s “We Are Austin”.

In case you missed them, this “Medical Monday” segment covered the differences between freestanding ER’s and urgent care and clinical facilities. Also addressed, were the symptoms and signs of heart attacks and Austin Emergency Center’s process and ability to stabilize and care for these patients.

It is our number one goal to serve the community with fast, quality and compassionate care, so be sure to catch our next We Are Austin appearance in June! With summer around the corner, injuries caused from activities can be much greater. We will be covering everything from fractures, sprains and strains, to dislocations.

Watch Dr. Kelley and Alanna, here.