Top 5 Questions About Austin Emergency Center

South Lamar | Austin Emergency Center

1. What is a freestanding emergency facility?
A freestanding emergency facility is a center that treats patients for minor and major injuries, but is not physically attached to a hospital. Our facilities use the state-of-the-art equipment and technology of a modern hospital emergency room, including CT scans, bedside emergency ultrasound, digital radiology, and a full clinical laboratory ─ all in the comfort of an upscale clinical environment, without the typical inconveniences associated with a hospital-based ER setting.

2. What’s the difference between Austin Emergency Center and an urgent care?
Urgent Care centers are typically only open during normal business hours and don’t normally operate on the weekends, whereas we stay open 24/7. Urgent care facilities are meant to handle minor conditions that are considered non-life-threatening, such as a sore throat, ear pain, skin wound or cut, etc. We typically handle more pressing conditions like orthopedic injuries, lacerations, chest pain, fever or bleeding, and we are staffed with trained emergency room doctors and equipped with a lot of the same equipment found in large hospital emergency rooms.

3. How long is the wait?
Wait time is also one of the many differences between Austin Emergency Center and an urgent care. The wait time is typically less than 5 minutes — Gatorade, coffee, hot tea and wifi included! Our waiting rooms are upscale, pleasant and provide a calm experience that serves to allay the pain and anxiety of medical emergencies.

4. Does Austin Emergency Center treat children?
Absolutely! Austin Emergency Center treats all ages and medical conditions. There are pediatric rooms at each facility amid bright colors, cartoons on TV to keep kids entertained, juice and a variety of snacks. After children are seen, they can dig in the treasure box for some fun prizes!

5. Can you be transferred to a hospital from Austin Emergency Center?
Yes, you can be transferred directly to a hospital from AEC. We have inpatient agreements and can directly admit you to a major hospital if needed. If you’re transferred, we also have the ability to arrange direct admission to an inpatient bed. Meaning in most cases you will completely bypass the hospital’s emergency room and the long wait.