Diagnostic Capability

At Austin Emergency Center, we bring you traditional ER care in a comfortable, concierge style setting. Board-certified ER doctors and nurses, each with many years of experience working in emergency rooms, assess and treat all patients. With the exception of major trauma, we are equipped to handle all types of emergencies; from the smallest and simplest to the most complex and critical.

All patient rooms have medical air, oxygen, and suction. Several are equipped with cardiac monitors, allowing for sedation, when needed, for procedures such as setting broken bones or deep abscess drainage.

We also have several crash carts and an onsite pharmacy to allow for cardiopulmonary resuscitation and other medical emergencies.

Our CLIA- and COLA-certified lab allows for rapid results and diagnoses. We have a CT scanner, digital X-ray machine, and modern ultrasound readily available. With a turnaround time on lab results of 15 minutes or less, we can quickly work up, diagnose, and treat ailments like headaches and respiratory distress, chest pain, abdominal and pregnancy-related emergencies and sport injuries.