Google Review – Five Stars


I needed a CT scan (had no insurance), and I went in, filled out some paperwork, saw a doctor, had the CT scan, and got my results all within about an hour. Everyone was helpful and nice, and I got my piece of mind.

By: Armand Daigle.

Shock to the Heart – A patient story


My stay at Austin Emergency Center was one that I won’t easily forget. I’m a family man from Dallas, Texas and like most, I went to school here in Austin and never really left.

One routine January evening, I was spending time with my daughter and son-in-law when I begin to feel an almost unbearable pain in my chest including an erratic heart rhythm, rapid breathing, sweating and loss of energy.

I wanted to brush it off as a bug or a fluke, a result from a long day at the office, but my family insisted that I see a doctor immediately. Though it was approaching midnight, we were determined to get help. Luckily, Austin Emergency Center was open and near my house, so we hopped in the car and hoped for the best.

Upon arriving, Austin Emergency Center’s staff immediately knew I needed help and I was promptly moved to an examination room where the physician on duty calmly but quickly diagnosed the problem – a heart attack. Once the nurses were able to improve my blood pressure through physical manipulation, I.V. fluids and medication I was told I’d be shocked with a defibrillator. No one expects electric shock when they are 100% awake and aware but after the shock, my normal heart rhythm was restored and I felt like myself again.

After I was stabilized at Austin Emergency Center they quickly organized a direct and efficient transfer to a local hospital where my heart was monitored for the next few days.

My experience at Austin Emergency Center was fantastic – from the doctor to the attending nurses — I always felt that I was getting the best level of care. I understand this was a critical medical emergency but everyone remained calm and purposeful. I am grateful for the timely, professional and lifesaving care they provided me.

By: Brad W.

Do Yourself a Favor Try One of Their Locations


I have to SHOUT my appreciation for Austin Emergency Center today. My boy had a bouncy house injury Saturday afternoon of Easter weekend and I had to choose an ER to visit. Luckily, I had a great resource in a Dad from school who is a partner and doc at a small chain of free standing ER clinics locally. Having only had REALLY negative experiences visiting my nearest hospital or the local “children’s” ER, I was glad to try an alternative. 

WOW!!!!! I will only visit these whenever possible from now on. There was NO WAIT, a sweet children’s room complete with a treasure chest full of toys to choose from (to keep!), the option to watch a kid movie in your room, lots of juices to choose from, the staff were warm and gentle, the care was respectful and thoughtful, the facility was clean and modern, they take most all insurance, AND I got a follow-up call the next day from a doctor. And ALL of this is standard procedure. This was not just a friendly favor.

Next time you have an after hours emergency, do yourself a favor and try one of their locations!!! This is not an urgent care clinic. They are fully equipped to handle emergencies, even kids. They have a lab and all the imaging in house. My son asked when he gets to go back. THANK YOU.

By: Facebook user Joyful Beginnings

My Experience was Very Pleasant


I went here for care after a biking accident that resulted in me face planting hard, and my experience was very pleasant. I spent less than five minutes in the waiting room, than was taken straight to a bed for triage and vitals, the doctor cam in only a few minutes later, ordered a CT scan, which I was taken to only a few minutes after that. The only real wait was for the results of my CT to come back from the off site radiologist, and that still wasn’t long.

The nursing staff was very polite and attentive. They made sure to check in on a regular basis with updates during any waiting periods. The doctor was also very attentive, with a great bedside manner. 

I will definitely use this facility for any future emergency needs.

By: Yelp user Lee O.