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Doc Talk: Heart attack signs

Doc talk: A woman’s heart attack  Most people know the typical heart attack symptoms, including intense chest pressure, shooting arm pain and shortness of breath. But did you know that the symptoms women experience during a heart attack can vary greatly from men? Some lesser-well known symptoms that women should be aware of include back […]

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No more fatigue: A patient story of pneumonia

No more fatigue: A patient story of pneumonia  I live in South Austin and fell very ill one weekend last spring. I was having a hard time breathing, felt weak and extremely fatigued. I thought it was a cold or the flu but by Sunday evening, I knew something was seriously wrong and needed to see […]

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Food Truck Friday, July 15 from 5p.m. – 8p.m.

Join us for Food Truck Friday at Austin Emergency Center’s South Lamar location on Friday, July 15 from 5p.m. – 8p.m.  Food Truck Friday  • Burro Cheese Kitchen • Hey Cupcake • JuiceLand • Live acousitc duo • Dunk Tank • Radio Coffee giveaways • Games • Dog pool • Swag  • Balloon artist • […]

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Staff Spotlight | June & July

Our AEC staff is ready for summertime! Below is a list of upcoming events we will be participating in through June and July. For any questions regarding events, partnership or sponsorship, email   

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Doc Talk | Heat Stroke

Doc Talk Heat strokes can be a life-threatening emergency with symptoms that are often overlooked. As summer nears, people need to know when to anticipate signs of having a heat stroke. Heat illness symptoms include the following: Heat edema (swelling) Heat rash Heat cramps Heat exhaustion Heat syncope (dizziness and/or fainting) Heat stroke (the most […]

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Urgent Care vs. ER, Heart Attack Signs in Women

    We often find ourselves asking if we should go to an urgent care facility or an emergency room. The answer can be tough when symptoms of a serious condition, like a heart attack, mirror symptoms of less concerning issues, like acid reflux or the common cold. Often times, heart attacks are associated with […]

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In the News: Vaccines

  State law mandates children must be vaccinated in order to attend public school, but many parents are opting out of immunizations due to the rise in concerns over their child’s safety. However, whether it is for philosophical, religious, or medical reasons, the state urges parents to vaccinate their children to prevent dangerous outbreaks, such […]

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AEC’s Healthy Recipe: June

We understand being healthy doesn’t come easy. Don’t fret…every other month our newsletter will include a healthy, DOCTOR APPROVED recipe! With a healthier diet comes a healthier heart, better sleep and more energy. This week’s recipe was found by Dr. Kelley and his wife, Sherrill. Mini Spicy Turkey Zucchini Burgers Recipe adapted from the cookbook […]

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Wellness Wednesday Recap

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AEC in ATX | May

Upcoming Events During the month of May, Austin Emergency Center will be involved in several big and small events in the Austin, Texas area. Some of our events include: A Mother’s Day giveaway at all three of our locations, Keep Austin Well at the Domain, Crux Climbing Center and more. See below for a full […]

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