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Staff Spotlight | Cesar Rodriguez

  At our annual staff holiday party, we celebrated Cesar Rodriguez, who was named an Austin Emergency Center’s “Employee of the Year”.  Cesar has an incredible work ethic and his positive energy is always appreciated by both our staff and patients. I have been with AEC since February 2014 and worked at all of our […]

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Austin Emergency Center kicked-off the fall of 2016 with school sponsorships, donations and festivals. Below are a few of our favorite photos, featuring the following (from left to right):  Brooke donating dodge balls at Becker Elementary, Dr. Vo and his family at Lake Austin, Kristen and Dr. Shih at Deerpark Elementary’s 5k, attendees at Austin […]

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In the News | Cell phones at night

  Are your children complaining about being tired even after they have had an adequate night’s sleep? The issue could be the electronic devices in their bedroom. Finishing a movie, or playing “just one more game,”  can cause problems for children’s sleep. Lights from the screen can have a negative impact on the child’s circadian […]

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Staff Spotlight | Above & beyond the call of duty

Jason Ullo has served as an Austin Police Department officer for two years, and works overtime at Austin Emergency Center’s South Lamar facility. One late August evening, at approximately midnight, Officer Ullo went above and beyond the call of duty. Officer Ullo said a girl had stormed into Austin Emergency Center hysterically crying with a […]

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Urgent Care vs. ER | Sedation for broken bones

  November means the weather in Austin finally cools off, and sports teams are headed to playoffs. Stronger competition and higher intensity games means that the likelihood of an injury increases. It is important to know where to take your child in the unfortunate case that medical attention is needed. While your first thought may […]

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Doc Talk | Dr. Shih talks poison ivy

Poison ivy is one of the first plants to change colors during the fall and lose its leaves in the winter. Despite shedding its identifying foliage, you are still susceptible to acquiring a rash from the plant. When exploring local trails, be sure to study photos of poison ivy, sumac and oak, as these are […]

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Healthy recipe | Poblano cornbread stuffing

  Ready for Thanksgiving? We are, especially now that we found this healthy and delicious Poblano Cornbread Stuffing recipe from Austin favorites, Love and Lemons. This recipe is full of flavor, as it uses five vegetables and lots of spices to make your Thanksgiving guests full and happy. It is also vegan and vegetarian. About […]

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AEC in ATX: Summer fun

AEC in ATX: Summer fun  Summer kicked-off with Austin Emergency Center’s family-friendly events at our three locations. Below are photos from our Anniversary Party at Anderson Mill, South Lamar’s Food Truck Friday and Far West’s Back to School Bash, along with an Austin Emergency Center tour with summer campers at ATX Kids Club. If you’d like to […]

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Healthy recipe: Smoothie

Healthy recipe: Smoothie    Smoothies are no stranger to Austin locals, but treating yourself daily quickly adds up. Whole Foods Market, is a great place to buy fresh produce, and make a healthy smoothie in the comfort of your own home. Below is Whole Foods Market Double Green Smoothie (only 200 calories per serving). Double Green Smoothie Whole Foods […]

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Urgent care vs. ER: Concussions

Urgent care vs. ER: Concussions Concussions are associated with several thousand deaths per year in the United States. Sometimes it is unclear whether a person or child is suffering from a concussion, but it is important to visit a doctor if you have experienced head trauma. Concussions can be attributed to several types of impacts including falls, […]

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