Quick-and-Healthy Austin Takeout Restaurants

It may be somewhat of a faux pas to say, but sometimes we all crave a casual meal that doesn’t involve queso, tortillas or refried beans. Healthy meals in Austin abound, you just have to look past the margarita machines to find some delicious, fresh and healthy options. We compiled our list of top three healthy takeout restaurants below.

Poke Poke Healthy Eating Austin

Image by Poke Poke

Poke-poke: Incredibly fresh, healthy and delicious south Austin poke fish shop. The owners recipes’ are legit, created from their days living in Hawaii and Venice Beach.

Blenders and Bowls for Healthy Eats in Austin

Image by @lauren_easterling via Instagram

Blenders & Bowls: All your omegas and vitamins in one delicious and beautiful bowl? Yes, please! The ever-expanding fruit and juice shop now has three locations in Austin.

The Steeping Room Austin Emergency Center

Image by The Steeping Room

The Steeping Room: We love this Domain location offering tea, fresh vegetables and hummus options. It is the perfect place to stop for a snack that won’t leave you needing a nap.