Sandeepkumar Singh, MD

Medical Director, Austin Emergency Center, Mueller

Dr. Singh became a board-certified family physician from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. He earned a Doctorate of Medicine from Bombay University, India and attended Midwestern State University for his Masters in Healthcare Administration. Dr. Singh’s educational background was the perfect springboard for pursuing his wide variety of interests.

Dr. Singh is a tireless volunteer and community leader both in Austin and his native India. While working with tobacco cessation here in Austin, he created and implemented systems which are now the blueprints of best practices locally, nationally and internationally. He also presides over the board of R.R.S. Educational and Medical Trust in India; a non-profit that provides scholarships to students with an aptitude for higher education who reside in rural India (where educational opportunities can be inadequate). These are just two of his many contributions to society, both locally and globally.

Dr. Singh loves the energy and opportunities that are Austin’s hallmark. In addition to embracing the technological and entrepreneurial spirit of the city, he enjoys art, music and live theater. One of his favorite uniquely Austin activities is opening his kitchen to friends from around the world. His brunches celebrate the different regional and international cuisines that come from the diverse community we have here in Austin.