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We are conveniently located at 3563 Far West Boulevard on the southwest corner of Far West Boulevard and Woodhollow Drive in the Old Quarry Village Shopping Center. We are a state-of-the-art, free-standing emergency center, located in the old Blockbuster video store.

We offer six private treatment rooms, including a child-friendly pediatric room and an OB-GYN room. We also have two triage rooms and an observation room for the occasion when you may benefit from a period of observation as an alternative to being immediately discharged or transferred and admitted to a hospital.

We provide much-needed professional and efficient emergency room care to Northwest Hills and the surrounding neighborhoods and communities, including Tarrytown, Mesa Oaks, Spicewood Green, Highland Hills, Lakewood Village, Meadow, Cat Mountain, and Mt. Bonnell. We also offer care to local centers and churches like the Northwest Hills United Methodist Church and the Dell Jewish Community Center, as well as schools, such as Murchison Middle School, Hill Elementary, and Highland Park Elementary.

AEC Far West combines the quality and level of medical experience and support service of a hospital-based ER with a private, patient-focused, private practice—all right in your own neighborhood. For your convenience, we are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Customer Reviews


Alanna J.

5 Stars


I have now been here once with my daughter and once for myself, and both times they have provided excellent care. The staff is kind and caring, the doctor took his time with me and I never felt like he was in a rush. On top of that, there was no wait and I was seen immediately! I am so thankful to have this place in the neighborhood!

Jessica H.

5 Stars


I thought I broke my leg. I went to this freestanding ER, walked in, was seen immediately, everyone was extremely professional and nice, the whole experience lasted less than 40 minutes. I’m an RN and I will definitely choose this place again if I need to visit an ER. Great job, guys!

Gina L.

5 Stars


My daughter fractured her humerus on a Friday afternoon. She had the best, most thorough care at AEC On Far West. I would recommend them highly for kid accidents.

Shaun M.

5 Stars


Took my child in with a possible dislocated shoulder. We were taken back immediately, less than 2 minutes. The nurse put us in the special pediatric room with cute wall murals. The doctor came in quickly. He put us at ease and fixed my child’s arm. I will definitely return because of the convenience and NO WAIT. Both very important to parents!

Carl A.

4 Stars



4 Stars


Sarah P.

5 Stars


Kevin K.

5 Stars


This place really exceeded my expectations for a minor emergency center. Staff and doctors were extremely professional and courteous. Office is very clean. Dr. Vo did an amazing job treating my son’s eye injury.

Melissa Y.

5 Stars


Best urgent care center I’ve ever been to! Definitely exceeded my expectations! Definitely recommend for anyone in the family.

Ricardo B.

5 Stars


I have been here twice. A month ago I got a very painful ear infection from swimming and they took care of my pain right away. Today, I brought my 3 yr old with a very hard Krup and they treated him very very prompltly and we were sent home in less than an hour once his airways got back to normal,,,, excellent option compared to an ER of a hospital!

Tobi P.

5 Stars


My 6 year old was having an allergic reaction to some sesame seeds that got on his food at a buffet. As I was driving to the emergency center he was sluggish and I had to really work to keep him from passing out. It just was horrible. I cry when I think about it. I reached the clinic and they really took care of him and helped him not to be scared. They gave him some medicines, a treatment and a shot. When I think about it, they probably saved his life. As a single Dad, I can’t begin to express my gratitude to the whole staff. Thank you for saving my son!!! These Doctors and Nurses are wonderful! If you have an emergency, go here.