Dr. Okpara and Kasey on We Are Austin

We Are Austin, Dr. Okpara and Kasey

Last month, our very own Medical Director of South Lamar, Dr. Okpara, and Lead Radiologic Technologist at Anderson Mill, Kasey MacInnes, were featured on CBS Austin’s We Are Austin.

With summer upon us, they discussed the types of injuries frequently seen and the radiology equipment Austin Emergency Center has available to help. They also addressed how quickly a dislocation, sprain or break can be diagnosed and treated. Austin Emergency Center’s X- ray and CT-scan resources are available onsite and typically produce results in less than 10 minutes, leaving patients with a disk of scanned images. They further discussed the differences between urgent cares, freestanding ER’s and hospital emergency rooms.

Watch Dr. Okpara and Kasey on CBS Austin here.