Deb Speirs, Austin Emergency Center’s Employee of the Year

Deb Speirs

Right before the start of 2017, we celebrated Deb Speirs, who was announced as one of Austin Emergency Center’s ‘Employees of the Year.’ Deb has an incredible passion for her work and is known for her contagious energy. Her work is more than just a job, as we have seen with her quality care and compassion to both staff and patients.

“It will be 4 years this August since I have been working with Austin Emergency Center. It has truly been an answer to my prayers to be able to work at this amazing facility. In my time here, I have seen the quality time and care that we give to our patients, and I have loved getting to know everyone I meet. The entire staff all works together fantastically and the Doctors are the best!

My favorite thing about working at AEC is by far the care the patients receive and being able to facilitate that everyday.”