5 Things Healthy People Do in Austin

Eat Neat

1. Eat Neat

Ditch the McDonalds and replace the grease with lean meat and fresh vegetables. When cooking at home, head to Wheatsville, a full service, natural foods cooperative grocery store.

Get Outdoors

2. Get Outdoors

Reap the physical and mental health benefits of the outdoors. Higher vitamin D levels means more energy and less of the blues, as well as decreased risks of a heart attack, but don’t forget the sunblock. With Zilker Park, Barton Springs, lakes and natural springs nearby, there are no excuses for avoiding time outside.


3. Exercise

Exercise is one of the most important parts of maintaining health. Austin provides numerous opportunities to make working out enjoyable. Scale the rock walls at Crux Climbing Center, bike to work with Bike Austin, find a personal trainer at Crush Fitness or tone and stretch at Black Swan Yoga.


4. Sleep

A good night’s rest is essential, especially after a day filled with grocery shopping, fresh air and physical activity. Not getting enough sleep can affect hormones, weight and the ability to perform at work. Even if it means heading home from the social scene early, 7-9 hours each night to let the body and mind rest is necessary.

Visit the Doctor

5. Visit the Doctor

The key to avoiding illnesses is being aware of warning signs. Web MD shouldn’t determine if someone is experiencing a heart attack. To maintain a healthy lifestyle, it’s crucial to keep check-ups and blood work up-to-date. Know when to visit a primary physician, urgent care or an emergency room.


Austin Emergency Center is a 24/7, emergency facility, fully equipped to handle both minor and major injuries — complete with a CT-scan, X-ray, full lab and a board-certified ER doctor on staff at all times.